Natural Vitality Centre: since 1997 in business

Microscope Analysis of Vital Peripheral Blood

• Layered Dried Blood Analysis
• Darkfield Live Blood Microscopy, prevention of hard attack and stroke

Natural Vitality Centre: since 1997 in business

Super-modern Colonic Hydrotherapy

• Newest colon irrigation equipment with ultra-violet water filtration, disposable instruments and regulated water pressure
• Colonic Irrigation with Chlorophyll Treatments

Natural Vitality Centre: since 1997 in business

BioFlex Laser Therapy System

• BioFlex® is currently the most advanced Laser Therapy System available on a global basis
• BIOPTRON® Light Therapy

Natural Vitality Centre: since 1997 in business

The Clearstart®

• The Clearstart® and Colonic Hydrotherapy
• Clearstart® is a three step process designed to help you clear your body of unwanted parasitic intruders...
Medical Procedures:

Low-Intensity Laser Therapy
Lymphatic Drainage Massage
Professional Face/Body Care
Anti-aging Services
Body Wrap
Ion Cleanse Ear Candling

The Yorkville Health Sanatorium
1 day spa package
3 day spa package
Intensive Therapies Program

NVC Benefits

The Hexagonal Kangen water.
New! Our clinc is the first clinic where the Kangen water is a most important part of the colonic irrigation procedure... More

BIOPTRON® Light Therapy

Chlorophyll Treatment
Colonic Irrigation with Chlorophyll
Colonic HydroTherapy FAQs

NVC Info

NVC Health University:
Click on this link to get the drawings illustrate the various abnormal shapes of the bowel in comparison to a normal bowel

Colonic Cleansing and Parasites:
Common Symptoms of Parasites in Humans.
Do you know what's inside you?
Parasites: The Hidden Epidemi
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