"Health promotion" is the process of enabling people to increase control over, and improve their health and the factors that influence their health. Health promotion activities and strategies may involve entire communities, groups, families and/or individuals. These activities may address issues in the physical environment or individual lifestyles or behaviors.

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Benefits of being a charity

Charities enjoy certain tax privileges. Charities have exemption from, and reduced liability for, some municipal, provincial and federal taxes. Registered charities under the federal Income Tax Act can issue income tax donation receipts so that donors can obtain tax credits.

Charities enjoy legal protections intended to protect charitable property. When a charitable purpose or object becomes impossible or impracticable to carry out, the courts apply charitable property to new purposes which are as similar as possible to the original purposes. The courts can also use this power when charitable organizations dissolve without a clause in their Letters Patent providing for the distribution of its remaining property.

A charity reporting to the Public Guardian and Trustee derives the following benefits:
  1. Members of the public, charitable foundations and government agencies that provide funding and donations often seek confirmation from the Public Guardian and Trustee that the charity is complying with the Public Guardian and Trustee's reporting requirements.
  2. The Public Guardian and Trustee maintains a database of Ontario charities that is regularly used to find charities entitled to receive gifts under Ontario estates.
  3. The Public Guardian and Trustee's database may also be used to identify charities which may be suitable to receive the property of dissolved charities or gifts from estates to non-existent, defunct or unidentifiable charities.

Charity - new! Together we make life better

We have exiting news! We have founded NVCHC, Natural Vitality Community Health Centre, non-for- profit charitable organization. It would take few months to develop an innovative concept of the Community Health Centre before presenting the proposal to the government. It would take another 2 years to receive funding and open the doors of NVCHC. We have an enthusiastic group of sponsors who invest their energy and time in putting together all viable ideas. In a meanwhile we have concerns about a "priority group" that desperately need our treatments but their funds are very limited.

Start supporting our charity now!

Your donations are very important. Your donations help to provide effective medical treatments for elderly, desperately ill patients from low income families.

The NVCHC maintain a strict policy of not trading, renting or selling mailing list to third party

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