Belinska abput Colon Cleansing Clinic

Our Clinic Philosophy

Thousands of people die of chronic, progressive and degenerative diseases without alternative treatments.
Our goal is to improve health by focusing on the patient and treating the cause of disease, rather than just its symptoms. We help our patients heal:
by using advanced natural therapies (recognized world wide) that cleanse the body and build up the immune systems, and
by promoting the importance of preventative medicine.
To help our patients gain and maintain optimal health, we combine the practice of both traditional and alternative medicine.

Integrative individualized programs for cancer patients with new treatment modalities and metabolic medicine, enzyme therapy, whole body hyperthermia, gene therapy. Heart and vascular disease. Arthritis, inflammatory diseases.
Multiple sclerosis, immunological disorders.
Hormonal imbalance and chronic degenerative diseases.
Viral related conditions; chrome tatique syndrome, hepatitis and nivralated problems with the almost consideration for the patient's immune and defense systems and modern technologies that yield the best results. The most advanced integrative medical center offers the best choices.
I hope our center served as a retreat for people from all over the world. I believes humanity needs a formula for living successfully, healthfully and peacefully. We combines the elements of the physical, mental and spiritual in the aching people how to live.