The Regeneration Herbal Body Wrap provides a wonderful relief from stress. It really helps to relax.

Cecelia Forrest: I am using the body wraps every week along with a weight loss program. The results have been great! My body feels firmer as I lose inches. The wraps have definitely enhanced my weight loss program.

Sally Klein: I am seventy-five years old and have suffered with arthritis in my hands and feet for ten years. I have tried everything on the market and nothing has given me the results that I have experienced with the Regeneration Herbal Body Wrap. I soak my hands and feet for thirty-five minutes in the solution while I watch TV. The stiffness and ache in my hands has gone away and the burning sensation in my feet has cleared up. The Regeneration Herbal Body Wrap has been a wonderful product for me. I highly recommend it for detoxification and the therapeutic benefits it gives.

Cathy Fulmer: I lost 16 3/4 inches with my first body wrap! My skin felt soft and my pores felt cleaner after my wrap.

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Natural Herbal Body Wrap formula

Our all natural Regeneration Herbal Body Wrap formula is a scientifically balanced blend of twenty-three herbs and minerals substantially enhanced with sea vegetation. It is designed to cleanse the body of toxins that can collect due to such factors as aging, improper diet, lack of exercise, smoking, and stress while reducing inches and firming and toning the skin.

When the 100% cotton terry wrap cloths are applied to selected areas, the herbal/mineral solution penetrates through the millions of pores of your skin to break down and shrink the unwanted fatty cells and the "toxified fatty deposits" better known as cellulite.

These toxins are stored in the fluids between cells. Women accumulate these fluids from the waist down, and men from the abdomen up. The pure aloe base works as a carrier, transporting this unique, all natural formula to the adipose layer, breaking down hardened toxic tissue (cellulite) on contact. It is recommended that a series of four to six body wraps be applied between four to seven days apart to receive the cleansing benefits as well as the inch loss and reshaping of your body.

The Regeneration Herbal Body Wrap is not a temporary water loss wrap. During your series of body wraps it is important to drink six to eight glasses daily of purified water to helpf flush out broken down fatty deposits through the body's natural process. When combined with healthy eating habits and regular exercise you will enhance the results and benefits.

Today individuals from all walks of life seek out the benefits of body wraps. They range from people who are generally fit that enjoy the detoxifying properties of body wraps to those who want to lose inches, tighten, and tone as they lose weight. In either case "It is the missing link in a total health program."

Who it helps

  1. People who want to lose inches to improve their shape.
  2. Anyone who wants to look terrific - FAST.
  3. People who want to spot reduce.
  4. Anyone who needs to tighten body tissue and improve definition.
  5. Women who need hips, thighs, and upper arms tightened and lifted.
  6. Anyone who would like to remove toxins from their body.
  7. Women who want to reduce cellulite.
  8. People who want to stay firm while on a weight loss program.
  9. Men with problem stomachs, waists, and midriffs.
  10. People with dry or rough skin.
  11. Anyone who wants to reduce stress and feel more relaxed.
  12. People who want to enjoy the benefits of body wraps in the comfort and privacy of their home.
  13. Anyone who warns to have a more youthful appearance and feel younger.

A Morale Booster

Our goal is to inspire you to be your best. We believe in a total health program which includes healthy eating habits, exercise, and a positive mental attitude. The Regeneration Herbal Body Wrap has a two fold purpose... reducing the body size and increasing your self-confidence, which is a real morale booster. Only you can be your best! Do it now!


Aloe Vera. Alfalfa, Burdock, Capsicum, Chickweed, Comfrey, Cornsilk, Dandelion, Eninecia, Fennel, Genirian, Ginger, Garlic, Hathome Berries, Kelp, Parsley, Peppermint, Papaya, Red Clover, Sea Vegetation. Yarrow Yellow Dock. Non-Volcanic Montmorillinite, Magnesium Sulfate. For more information about body wrap please visit Life Force International web site.

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