Super-modern Colonic Hydrotherapy

Super-modern Colonic Hydrotherapy supervised by a certified Colonic Therapist from Toronto (Ontario, Canada).
Newest colon irrigation equipment with ultra-violet water filtration, disposable instruments and regulated water pressure.
We also offer additional services like chlorophyll treatments, body wrap and ear candling

The experienced and caring professionals of Natural Vitality Centre are always happy to give your body a chance of toxin-free well-being.

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I trust has recommended to come to NVC

— My best friend that I trust has recommended to come to NVC. I was desperate, I had no energy and no strength. I had migraines, High Blood pressure and other medical conditions, but in addition to that I had constipation.
— By the time I reached 49 I have tried various medical medications and healthcare services. NVC was my last resource. NVC is a medical centre that helps people by using natural products. Having a number of medical conditions such as being overweight and having issues with my metabolism I have doubted NVC at first. I was asking myself "Can anybody help me with my condition?".
— When I met with Nataliya Belinskaya, the president of NVC, I have realized that I can trust her. She sincerely wanted to help me and help me to start believing in myself.
— Being a grown person, I knew what is good and what is bad for myself. However, we need someone who can educate and find alternative way rather than medicine. Natalia has become that person who shared her knowledge, time and experience. I was amazed when I entered the facility because Nataliya herself and the personnel looked amazing, full of energy and very active. I have been assessed and recommended treatment that was divided into a few steps using only natural products that have been tested and tried during the years of practice. Nataliya choses those products to suit my individual needs. Hydrotherapy is an essential step of the treatment. Without hydrotherapy all of the above treatments would not work.
— My entire intestine was blocked due to bad diet. Consequently, there was was a process of decomposition and decaying with high intoxication which serves a perfect place for parasites. My treatment was started with hydrotherapy to clean my intestine. After hydrotherapy I was able to progress to other steps of the treatment.
— Nowadays, I feel very well. My blood pressure stabilized letting me stop using blood pressure medications, I rarely have migraines. I know that hydrotherapy is not a temporary treatment. It is an essential therapy to help to clean the intestines.
— To add to my previous comments about people who work there, I can say that they are wonderful people. They are highly qualified professionals. They treat patients very well and give them hope and confidence. Together we are able to fight any disease to live a happy life.
Alexandra Isakova

Never before I felt so happy...

— When I came to NATURAL VITALITY CENTRE I was 39 years old and I desperately wanted to have a child. After many years of trying and trying and having different kind of treatments and medicine I almost gave up having a child in my life. Being at age of 39 I wasn't so optimistic about having a baby by natural way. I was preparing myself for artificial fertilization. But when I met Nataly Belinska, the President of this clinic I became more encouraged. After very serious and detailed conversations with her I realized that I had much more complicated health problems then I thought. I always was following to an official Medicine recommendations and I never ever tried an alternative Medicine in my life before. So far I didn't have any result. I decided to give myself a second chance. I am writing these words now when I have handsome healthy and energetic baby-boy 15 months old. What an indescribable joy to have your own child! What a miracle came into my life! Never before I felt so happy and complete than I feel now. What a great Gift from God! Thank you many-many times, Nataly and your team for the great job you have done for me!
Snejana, 41 years old,
computer designer, Vaughan, ON

I love YOU-Natural Vitality! By Julia (11 Sep 2009)
The staff were and are very professional... By Sasha (6 Sep 2009)

Saved my life!

— Natural Vitality Centre saved me! I am a cancer survivor; 5 years ago my health was wrecked by a horrible illness. I suffered from a constant pain in my abdomen and so weak that my wife had to help me to get around the house. A friend recommended Natural Vitality Centre to me. They did a blood work that took approximately 4 hours with whole bunch of analysis. They have explained to me that the main cause for my problems were parasites. The type of Parasites, which can trigger a growth of cancer cells. Natural Vitality Centre gave me a program to cure the parasite infection and anticancer therapy. Now I feel healthy and great. Great company, great service! Thank you so much!
Robert (5 Sep 2009)

Very Impressive!

— I broke my elbow last year and the doctor said that it would be impossible to get this arm to function properly as it was before. He said in my age (over 50) the bones are very delicate and tissue is not healing as well as when you are younger. Besides all that I couldn't sleep well at night because it hurt so much when I roll over it in my sleep. I went to Natural Vitality Centre to get the therapy I needed hoping and praying. It took me three month of intensive therapy and here I am, sleeping perfectly at night and able to do all the house work I couldn't do in the last year. It completely restored my arm functionality. I wouldn't even hope for that to happen. I am grateful to the wonderful and knowledgeable therapists of Natural Vitality Centre!
Natasha (3 Sep 2009)

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