The Clearstart®
and Colonic Hydrotherapy

Imagine you've decided to renovate your home. Perhaps the roof is starting to leak or maybe you need another bedroom. Regardless of whether the renovation is simple or ambitious, the first step is always the same: clean. To ensure your hard work lasts, you must begin by cleaning out the old. And, depending on the nature of the job, you'll need the proper tools.

If you've never renovated before you may be surprised at all the preparation required. Sometimes, what you thought was a simple, straight forward task, becomes more time consuming. In any renovation, cleaning is the least glamorous and most under valued work, but it is the absolutely essential foundation on which your progress rests. And when you finish cleaning, you can be satisfied knowing you have laid a solid foundation for your subsequent efforts.

Now, think of your body as your home, and think of your decision to take control of your health as embarking on a renovation of your body. Whether you are already pretty healthy or face larger health challenges, clearing is the first step.

Your personal clearing program may last between 30 and 90 days, depending on the kind of lifestyle you lead and whether or not you've ever "cleaned" before. In either case, it is the foundation on which you can build a healthy future. Just as cleaning your home requires equipment, clearing your body requires tools. Think of Clearstart® as your "all in one" starter kit. Each Clearstart® pack provides 30 days worth of clearing products to address some of the most common clearing challenges.

What are Herbs?

Herbs are food. Food of a special sort that is. When "herbs" are mentioned we tend to think of those used primarily in cooking: oregano, basil or cinnamon. Of course, there is a whole host of lesser-known herbs, like elecampane, blessed thistle, black walnut and comfrey; like cinnamon, they're foods too.

We know that most food has nutritional value; apples are good for us, so too are carrots and whole grains. For some reason we rarely think of herbs and spices as having nutritional value. In reality, they more than carry their weight in nutritional value.

Most of us also think of anything in a capsule as a drug; but most concentrated herbs are encapsulated. Why? Try a teaspoon from your spice rack and you'll see why! Eaten alone most herbs taste awful. To get the nutritional value associated with each herb, without having to endure the taste, Enrich puts them in capsules. (In fact, our founder was the first to come up with the idea of encapsulating herbs ). Further, we encapsulate combinations of herbs whose nutritional value complement each other.

Your body processes herbs like any other food by extracting the nutritional value and using the nutrients to restore and maintain your good health. Unlike drugs which chemically induce rapid changes in your body, herbs work naturally with your body, supplying nutrition where you need it. Your body does all the work, the herbs just feed it.

What is your colon?

Your colon is just one of the many organs which make up the digestive system. Other digestive system organs include: tongue, mouth, intestines, appendix and rectum.
The colons primary task is to convert the liquid leftover from digested food into disposable waste.
The billions of friendly bacteria which live in your colon produce vitamin K, some B vitamins, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and methane.
Mucus secreted by the colon lining contains antibodies that protect the colon from disease. If the lining of your colon is covered with un-eliminated waste matter, these antibodies cannot properly do their job.

"Transit Time" is the length of time it takes for food to finish the complete digestive process ( from the time you take a bite, until your bowels move ). Normal transit time should be between 12 and 20 hours. Doctors believe individuals with longer than average transit times may be more prone to colon cancer. Many naturopaths believe approximately 90% of illness prevalent today begins in the colon.